Why Boylston

Why Boylston?Why Does Your Business Belong in Boylston?

Boylston is a stable, predominantly rural and residential Massachusetts town located on Interstate 290, halfway between Worcester and Interstate 495, a central point for southern New England transportation and distribution. Although the Town intends to maintain its rural and residential character for the foreseeable future, there is a four mile section of Route 140 that is uniquely well-suited to commercial development. It contains a large area of completely undeveloped land that is conveniently located for use as distribution centers, light industry and offices. In addition, there are a few smaller parcels on Route 140 which are suitable for retail establishments.

One of the top priorities of the Town of Boylston is to help new and existing businesses by expediting the permitting process. Boylston wants your business, and will make every effort to earn it. We will strive to make your experience a smooth one and encourage you to:
  • Meet with our Business Marketing Committee to learn more about Boylston, and its business community.  The Committee will help advocate for your business locating or expanding in Boylston.
  • Contact our Applicant Advisory Committee (AAC) to identify and discuss, in advance, the approvals from the town boards that will be necessary for your project. The AAC will assist in scheduling and coordinating the board meetings when the application for the permits in formally presented.  You may request a meeting with the AAC by calling the Town’s Building Inspector, at (508) 869-6064.
  • Meet with our Town Administrator throughout the course of the applications process to solve any problems or scheduling delays that could slow the course of the permitting process.
  • Our Building Inspector, Health Agent and Conservation Commission members will be available to explain any questions you may have during the construction period.