Board of Assessors

Assessors' OfficeIt is the mission of the Assessors Office to continue to be responsible for administering the Massachusetts General Laws relating to valuation and taxation in a fair and equitable manner throughout the Town of Boylston.

The FY2024 tax rate is $13.81 per thousand dollars assessed value.

Important Dates:

  • January 1st- Assessment date.
  • February 1st- Property Tax Abatement Application deadline.
  • March 1st- Due date for Form of List and State Tax Form 3ABC.
  • March 31st- Due date for Income and Expense forms.
  • April 1st- Due date for real estate tax exemption applications.
  • June 30th- Valuation date for buildings and new construction. 
  • July 1st- Fiscal Year begins.
  • October 1st- Due date for Chapter 61/61A/61B land classification applications.
Assessors' Office Calendar