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Stormwater Committee
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Stormwater Committee
Fall Litter Management
KEEP FALLEN LEAVES OUT OF STREETSDo not blow or rake leaves, grass clippings, and tree branches into the street. These will leach nutrients into the stormwater runoff and contribute to pollution in our waters. Leaf Litter can also plug storm drains and increase flooding issues. Instead, mulch or compost yard waste away from streams or other waterways or dispose at your local landfill.

Fall Leaf Litter
Stormwater Springtime Education
Springtime Stormwater EducationOne of the upsides of people staying home is that a lot of us are working on our yards. While you’re cleaning up your yard and applying fertilizer and herbicides, be mindful. Read labels, apply properly, and store chemicals correctly. These efforts not only reduce costs to you, but avoid contaminating the environment and local waterbodies. If you have any questions, contact the Town of Boylston at 508-869-0143 X223. Visit our stormwater website for more information: