Police Department

Dial 911 for emergencies.

Contact Info:
Phone: (508) 869-2113
Fax: (508) 869-2360
215 Main Street
Boylston, MA 01505
United States
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Mission Statement
The Boylston Police Department is a service-oriented group of professionals dedicated to providing the Boylston community with public safety by practicing proactive policing, offering educational programs, and modeling multi-channel engagement with all members of the community. This level of service is provided by officers who are compassionate, professional and competent; performing their duties and responsibilities with the highest level of integrity.  Our officers work to embody our organization’s unwavering commitment to fairness, respect, and transparency in all that they do.

Core ValuesCore Values serve as the foundation of our code of conduct. They guide everyday behavior and decision-making for Boylston Police Department employees.

  1. Advocacy  : All people will receive a compassionate approach from the members of the Boylston Police Department. We will respect and encourage diversity within our community. We will be the voice for victims of injustice and advocate for the necessary social services and supportive services in a respectful and dignified manner.  
  2. Efficiency (effectiveness)  : We will continue to remain current on standard procedures, legal updates, and develop innovative approaches through regular trainings. We will apply critical thinking to create strategic methods, identify trends, and find best practice solutions to community problems. We will be responsive to our communities’ needs and deliver the proper services effectively. 
  3. Fairness :  We will always act with fairness, restraint, and impartiality in the performance of our duties. We will work to find the balance of the needs of individuals with those of the community. 
  4. Integrity : An essential component of our profession is to hold ourselves with the highest level of integrity, which will earn us the respect of the people we serve. In order to hold others accountable, we must first hold ourselves accountable. We will abide by laws and policies and procedures, while being honest, truthful and consistent in our words and actions. Our actions will be consistent with our core values. We will acknowledge our mistakes and remain receptive to constructive criticism.
  5. Leadership  : We will lead by example and expect all members of the Boylston Police Department to do so. We will work together to mentor, develop and empower each other within our organization and the community. The future of the organization is dependent on the development of leaders. We will support all members of the Boylston Police Department and ensure a positive and respectful work environment. We will commit to high standards and not accept mediocrity. We will strive to exceed our colleague’s and community members’ expectations. We will work as a team because excellence is usually the result of a team effort, not individual efforts.
Records Access OfficialExecutive Assistant Christine Bissonnette

The persons listed above have been designated as Records Access Officials for the Boylston Police Department pursuant to the Public Records Law. All Public Records requests should be directed to either of the above persons using the contact information provided below. Public Records requests may be made in-person, via telephone, mail, or electronic mail.

Address:    215 Main Street, Boylston, MA 01505

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